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Perhaps nostalgia — more likely envy — in any case.

In 1984, Art Metropole, in conjunction with David Bellman, organized a ‘discussion’ with Ian Wilson to be held at 8 pm on November  15th, 1984. The work of Wilson, since 1968, has consisted of these discussions, never recorded, never documented beyond printed invitations (announcing a discussion to come) or notices (marking discussions past). And, of course, word of mouth.

The discussion in question was well attended by the literary community which, at the time, was quite integrated with the visual arts community in Toronto. Attendance was limited to twenty participants. Monika Wulfers has said that it was one of the liveliest discussions she had witnessed. The topic of this discussion was ‘the known.’

Some time  in early November, 2009, the press became aware of this particular discussion. Having already been interested in Wilson’s practice, we could not but note that the 25th anniversary of that discussion was a few weeks’ hence. With our interest in archival practices, we realized that we had a chance to revisit that discussion. Making the necessary  arrangements, we arrived at Art Metropole at 7:55 pm, November 15th, 2009 (a Sunday), recorder in hand, in order to document that discussion.

Twenty-five years too late.

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