Immanuel Kant
The Three Critiques of Immanuel Kant, 2nd rev. edition

656 pages, 188x246mm
Cover: 270gsm laminated cover
Interior: 115gsm matte white text
Digitally printed (POD), 1/1 body, 4/0 cover, perfectbound
2010, Toronto [Canada]
Open edition
(see for ordering)

Why didn’t we think of this before.

Take an earlier book, editioned to three, and make a trade version available.

The three critiques of Immanuel Kant (The Critique of Pure Reason,The Critique of Practical Reason, and The Critique of Judgment) are the most comprehensive expression of analytic thought. Of particular influence, for the understanding of art and aesthetics, is the third text in this series. To approach these texts is to approach the entire tradition of Western metaphysics since the enlightenment. In this critical edition of The Three Critiques, the press has undertaken a massive edit, re-arranging all the letters in the three texts into alphabetical order.

Images to come, but in the meantime you can download a proof of the book by clicking this.

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